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What to do if you are interested

Sign up for our free fortnightly e-bulletin by completing the form on the 'Join Devon Carers Voice' page and you will then start to receive regular updates on involvement opportunities. Remember there is no obligation to participate in any consultation and you only ever need to respond to the requests that interest you.

You may be offered opportunities to: 

  •  Read and respond to documents by e-mail or post.
  •  Feed back information within a given time frame.
  •  Listen to and represent the views of other carers.
  •  Assess the content and language of text that is designed to be distributed to carers to give a carers ‘eye-view’
  • Attend focus groups or consultation events

Time commitment

You can choose the level of involvement according to the amount of time you would like to commit.

Wherever possible we will:

  • Involve carers in everything we do
  • Make sure that involvement is timely, on-going and fit for purpose
  • Have a clear system of engagement that everyone understands
  • Make sure that people who are involved have the opportunity to tell us about their experience of being involved
  • Make sure that carers who are yet to be involved have the opportunity to tell us how they would like to be involved
  • Make sure that carers understand how their views will be used, which decisions they will be involved in, when decisions will be made and how they can influence the process
  • Be able to show and publicise how involving carers has directly influenced planning, commissioning, monitoring, designing and evaluating services
  • Make sure that those who have been involved are fully informed of the differences their involvement had made through systematic feedback
  • Reimburse all reasonable costs for involvement including replacement care costs.